Piggy bank
Green piggy bank
Vintage candlestick
Vintage vase with dead flowers
Old vase with dead flowers
Mechanical pencil
Keypad of a digital alarm clock
Digiral alarm clock and keypad from an angle
Electronic calendar
Silver digital alarm clock
Electronic alarm clock
Electronic alarm clock from '90s
Plug adapter
Halogen lamp
Black halogen spot lamp
Halogen spot light
Halogen lamp close-up
Very small camera tripod
Mounting plate and thread on a small camera tripod
Harmonica on white
Matryoshka doll
Two matryoshka dolls
Russian dolls
Colorful russian dolls
Three matryoshka dolls
Matryoshka doll
Matryoshka dolls
Russian nesting dolls
Set of russian nesting dolls ( Matryoshka )
Spark plug
Black ruller with conversion table and calculator
Black ruller on white
Ruller with calculator
Black ruller
Black ruller with coversion table
Antique typewriter keyboard
Wrist watch
Wrist watch
Digital calendar and calculator from early 2000's