Green apple leaves
Green apple leaves
Leafless tree at the edge of forest in winter
Forest in a winter with little snow
Yellow leaves powdered with snow
Birch tree in a park in fall colours
Park in autumn
Tree with yellow canopy
Dead leaf hanging from a branch
Trees covered in hoarfrost
Trees covered in hoarfrost
Park trees covered in hoarfrost
Trees covered in hoarfrost after a chilly night
Forest in winter with hoarfrost covered trees
Winter landscape
Trees with twigs covered in frost
November forest
Dead leaf on a twig covered with hoarfrost
Forest floor with dead leaves and frost
Mixed forest in autumn
Hoarfrost on brier bush
Hoarfrost on dead leaves
Tree on a hill
Wet road in forest between seasons
First snow in forest
Leaves covered in first snow
Red leaves on forest floor
Forest in november
Brier shrub by the lake
Low sun glowing through autumn forest
Forest road in autumn
Close-up of a rusty yellow leaf
Tree canopy with fall colours
Fall forest by the road
Apples on a brach
Apple orchard
Empty park alley in fall
Leaves changing colors
Brown leaves close-up
Brown leaves on a rock
Yellow and brown leaves