Low clouds over forest
Fesh harvested logs in the forest
Snowstorm in the woods
First snow sprinkled on mountain pastures
Early winter
First snow in late fall
White trees at the edge of forest
Forest in winter
Winter road through forest
Wet curvy road in winter
Snow fall over the forest
First snow
First snow
Morning landscape with a lake
Green meadow in early fall with clouds roling over the mountains
Mountain panoramic landscape with blue sky and clouds
Heavy clouds over the mountains
Capra Valley on Transfagarasan southern section
Transfagarasan on southern section
Summer day with puffy clouds over a valley between mountains
Landscape from a road with a yellow railing
Mountain lake in june
Clouds gathering over Balea lake
Balea chalet
Balea lake and chalet
Balea chalet on Transfagarasan
Transfagarasan highway
High alpine pasture
Clouds rolling over a mountain ridge
Clouds rolling over the peaks
Clouds over Transfagarasan highway
Green mountain side with clouds crossing
Bend on Transfagarasan road
Capra Valley on Transfagarasan southern section
Mountain slopes on Transfagarasan highway
Transfagarasan highway in june
Bend on Transfagarasan highway in june
Transfagarasan highway winding up a mountain
Valley in the mountains with a mountain rescue hut
Transfagarasan higway winding down a mountain
Road bends on Transfagarasan highway
Transfagarasan highway winding on a mountain slope
Narrow path in the mountains
Beautiful terrace by the lake